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Achieve Better Products

Achieve Better Products




We help your team stay organized and focused while shipping great software

We help your team stay organized and focused while shipping great software

We help your team stay organized and focused while shipping great software

Problems we help solve

Illustration about myself
Illustration about myself
Illustration about myself

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  • Inconsistent methodologies across teams

  • Members misaligned with goals

  • Slow or inconsistent development cycles

  • Missed milestones and release dates


Premier Agile management
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Jira Experts

Streamlining Complex Workflows Masterfully

Agile Management

Transforming Teams, Accelerating Success

IT Production Audit

Enhancing Efficiency, Ensuring Compliance

Digital Transformation

Innovate, Adapt, Evolve Business

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Inspire Growth, Nurture Collaboration

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Unleash Potential, Elevate Performance

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What clients say about us?

 Illustration about my clients
 Illustration about my clients

Leapholic’s consulting services team played an instrumental role in helping us navigate the transition to Agile and the Atlassian suite, making the entire process seamless. Their deep knowledge of Jira, Jira Product Discovery, and integrations with tools like Asana contributed significantly to our success. They meticulously oversaw the deployment of these tools, ensuring every detail was addressed and customized to our unique requirements.

One of the standout aspects of working with Leapholic was their collaboration with our team. They took ownership of managing our tools effectively, integrating their extensive expertise with our operational needs. Their training sessions were top-notch, empowering our team members with the skills and confidence needed to utilize these new tools proficiently.

We were also pleased with Leapholic’s support of GreenSlate’s use of OpenAI and the AI features within the Atlassian suite. We expect it to markedly enhanced our operational capabilities going forward.

In summary, Leapholic’s services provided a level of professionalism and expertise that truly set them apart. I will gladly leverage their expertise in the future.

Manu Chauhan

VP, Product Management

As a leader in software engineering and quality assurance, I place a great amount of focus on implementing and improving processes and ensuring that the right tooling is in place to support those processes.

This year a decision was made to move away from a waterfall delivery model in favor of Agile and to overhaul all of our processes and tooling to support that goal. This was a huge undertaking and engaging Leapholic was crucial to the success that we have had.

Leapholic were able to evaluate the organization, understand our objectives and collaborated extremely well to help define new processes, improve existing processes, identify right sized tooling using the Atlassian suite and drive the implementation of those tools forward so that our team members could seamlessly begin using them. Even when we had bumps in the road, Leapholic were able to help us work through those and find a suitable path forward.

We are 6 months in from when we made these changes and things have gone very well. I highly recommend engaging Leapholic if you are an organization looking to tackle a similar transformation.

Michael Lord

Director of Software Quality Assurance

Leapholic expertly crafted a versatile framework for our client projects and empowered our teams through comprehensive training. Their ongoing collaboration and commitment to our cultural development have been instrumental to our success.

Fabian Carvajal

Bamboo Coding CTO

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